Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2014

A nuclear weapon is detonated at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1946. (Photo: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons / Flickr)

Following is the full text of the Peace Declaration issued Wednesday by Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui during a ceremony to mark the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima:

CNDP Statement on Israel’s Brutal Assault on Gaza


We are shocked at Israel’s ongoing brutal assault on the Gaza Strip, which has caused more than 150 Palestinian civilian deaths. The kidnapping and murder of three teenage Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank was condemnable, but Israel has reacted to it by visiting indiscriminate collective punishment on the Palestinian people, without identifying the culprits.

India’s nuclear program: illusory gains and unaffordable risks

As a disarmament crusader, India was the foremost critic of the Non-Proliferation Treaty-centered “nuclear apartheid” regime. As a non-NPT nuclear-armed state, India has been gradually integrating with the global nuclear orders while hypocritically preaching nuclear abstinence to others like North Korea and Iran.

Fukushima’s Children are Dying

More than 48 percent of some 375,000 young people—nearly 200,000 kids—tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. The rate is accelerating.