Insuring nuclear suppliers using Indian tax payers’ money – how nationalist is diluting liability, Mr. PM?

On the eve of India’s Republic Day, the Modi government has announced that it will arm-twist the public-owned General Insurance Company(GIC) to provide insurance cover for the nuclear suppliers. Though the exact details are still not clear, the media reports suggest that the Indian government has found a roundabout way for the US nuclear suppliers’ like Westinghouse and General Electric (GE) which have been lobbying to affect an amendment in the Nuclear Liability Act of 2010 ever since its inception. Touted as a big breakthrough during President Obama’s ongoing visit, this move is clearly a capitulation to the long-standing demand on the issue.

A doctor’s rejoinder to Rediff’s pro-nuke propaganda that it didn’t publish

When Dr. Arun Mitra, the General Secretary of IDPD wrote back to and repeatedly urged its Editor to publish a rejoinder that he emailed to them, he didn’t get a proper reply. Independent experts have repeatedly pointed out how toothless and complacent the existing nuclear regulator in India is, and a bill about a new regulatory body is under discussion in the parliament. publishing the former AERB Chief’s raising malicious allegations on the IDPD and then not publishing a rejoinder is condemnable.

CNDP mourns the sad demise of Perin Chandra

The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) sincerely condoles the sad demise of Perin Chandra (Oct. 2 1918 – Jan. 7, 2014), a founding member of CNDP. She passed away this week after an active and eventful life as a communist and peace activist, loved and admired by all.